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Beautiful victorian chimney sweeps high view school is one of the best Pics at in the history of the united kingdom the victorian era was the period of queen victorias reign from 20 june 1837 until her death on 22 january 1901, this powerpoint focuses on working victorian children it contains lots of pictures and talks about some of the hardships that children had to endure in victorian times it mentions the different job roles such as chimney sweeps street children mine wor, les any fuel burning appliance must be vented to the outdoors your chimney top may not be roofed over if you intend to vent the furnace you need to either repair the top masonry or you can remove bricks to a point below the roofline and continue up with factory built chimney, anthony ashley cooper 7th earl of shaftesbury kg 28 april 1801 1 october 1885 styled lord ashley from 1811 to 1851 and then lord shaftesbury following the death of his father was a british politician philanthropist and social reformer

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