Treegonometry The Formula For The Perfect Christmas Tree


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for example a 180cm christmas tree would need 37 baubles around 919 cms of tinsel and 565 cms of lights and an 18cm star or angel is required to achieve the perfect look the university says, mathematics has provided an answer for those striving for the perfect christmas tree britains university of sheffield says the universitys maths society was set the challenge of decorating a


mathematical formula for the perfect christmas tree around the home darren quick december 11th 2012 a tree that could benefit from the formulas devised by students at the university of , it pointed out the formulae did not take into account the surface area of the conical shape of the christmas tree and gave the sheffield students 14 out of 20 for their treegonometry theorem, according to the original formula ionicas christmas tree h 200 cm and r 73 cm had 41 baubles this corresponds to a surface density σ of 84 baubles per square meter, mike the intern tries his hand at treegonometry were not mathematicians but were pretty sure that were doing this wrong read on for the real formulas decorating the tree by committee is