Instead Of Sending Christmas Cards


Awesome instead of sending christmas cards is one of the best Gallery in cards that give help your choice of charity by sending ecards instead of greeting cards, instead we will be sending a donation to help wildlife in mesopotamia we do however wish you a merry christmas we do however wish you a merry christmas this note is usually accompanied by a badly drawn picture of a christmas tree by a 5 year old, why sending a text instead of a christmas card is a honono even to distant relatives according to a new poll sending a christmas greeting on social media is the ultimate festive fauxpas

Im Not Sending Christmas Cards This Year Instead Ive

keep on reading for some alternatives to sending christmas cards preloved this is the preloved logo mark which shows a symbol shaped to represent a speech bubble and the letter p with a love heart symbol cut out of the center, hi on behalf of my company i would like to donate to a charity instead of sending christmas cards i have received in the past emails from a charity with a message from the person donating explaining that they have made a donation to the said charity


we do this in our church instead of sending cards to each other we donate the money we would have spent to the charity of our choice and put a little note in our church magazine, in the past at work we have collected for a charity instead of sending xmas cards within the company it cut my card list by 30 we would donate between 3 and 5 each most did 5 to a charity we do a lot for throughout the year we also donated 150 from the company to the charity and put their logo in our company xmas cards whilst i like doing thsi sort of thing when it comes to work i wouldnt want to stop sending xmas cards altogether, we hope this request does not offend we hope its understood but we wont be sending christmas cards next year instead well put the money to something good theres so many good causes out there that struggle to raise enough cash

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